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Joined: 27 Dec 2010
Im looking for a list of faults that activates the engine-lamp in the dash.

I went from GRi, to MI16.. Replacing the old with a XU9J4 (DFW) 90. all original wires and ecu for that engine.
In the beginning, the engine lamp would light at random times. It appears to be activated when the engine is 'idle'.. This includes driving at any speed and clutching out. As soon as the rpm drops, the engine-lamp lights up (not always, but very randomly without any clear pattern).
To 'cure' it, i only need to rev it up to 3000 rpm and the lamp with disappear.

Now, i have just replaced the water-pump and head gasket this week. And now, the lamp will light up a few seconds after the engine starts, but will again disappear when revved over 2500-3000 rpm.
So it seem to be some kind of issue when its idle.

The engine runs fine, stable at 1000 rpm.. maybe a little nervous when on idle, but non the less stable. Its much better when revved, runs smooth over 2000 rpm.


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Joined: 27 Dec 2010
The problem here seems to be the battery. It was close to empty and barely managed to keep the car running.
After a night, and fully charged up battery, the engine runs perfect.

Just some charging faults,maybe a bad alternator, but thats easy to fix.


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Glad to hear you have found the issue.


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Since you found your solution I'll take the freedom to hijack this thread.

Can someone clarify for me how exactly the engine/diagnostic lamp is supposed to act?

It is of my understanding that it shall be lit when the ignition is turned on "marche", but not started? True or false?

As I can figure from the wiring, the function of the lamp depends only on the ECU itself, or the +VE supply to the ECU, and of course, the bulb itself. True or false?

The reason I ask is that I'm having trouble with the electrics... When my ignition is on, without having started, the lamp lives its own life. Flickering, beeing gone for minutes, flickering, comes on for minutes. Sometimes it seems stable, and i can start and it runs, until it stops again, and the lamp is dead again.

What I need to know is if I can exclude all except the ECU and its supply in my hair-ripping search for this bugger...

Its an D6C with the ...119 ECU btw.

Thank you for all answers wich can help bring some light into this..

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