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Help With 106 1.6 Auto

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I wonder if anyone can help here.An elderly friend of my mother, who is very community minded and run errands for the elderly has a problem with her ageing 106 auto. Apparently it is fine if put into reverse but won't go forward.

Her local garage (ex Peugeot dealer) has diagnosed that it needs a new gearbox but is finding it difficult to source one. (It's a Renault box apparently) but from what I can tell it's a complicated piece of kit with selector valves, leaky oil coolers and an ECU which may well require a dealer reset even once the box is replaced.

Cost of replacing with unproven second hand box? £700 .

This lady is herself 86! and if we can't fix this auto box (no manual licence) her driving days are over. She has been immensely helpful to my elderly mum so if there is a way of getting this sorted I would love to do my bit.

So any knowledge, hints and tips greatfully accepted and if anyone has an old 106 auto tucked away unloved let me know.

Tom Fenton

Tom Fenton
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I'd check the oil level first. Auto boxes generally are quite sensitive to oil level. Mind you, you'd hope the dealer has checked that before diagnosing a new box.


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Colour and smell of fluid-if it stinks and it's brown there may be a bad clutch band
Sometimes fluid change can persuade them to last a bit longer but if fluid is bad it's 50/50
Too many burnouts?


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More economical to replace the car - 300ish if what's been sold on eBay is anything to go by..

Here's one at 390 from a dealer, for example. No doubt some wiggle room too;