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[Engine_Work] Dobboy's Clean-Up / Gti6

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The pressure on the tires was a bit low.... So it improved bit, but still heavy.

Mac Crash

Mac Crash
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No, your right Jack, great car in it's own right... just kind of resent it being referred to as "Classic Mini" when it is actually "The" Mini.

The BMW car doesn't do anything that a 100 other cars won't do... but the only the Mini was able to do what it could it do in it's era, nothing replicated it.


What do people think is the best PAS rack on a 205? The OE from the late cars?


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Phase two VTS rack with nearly 2.7 turns lock to lock ( thank you Welshpug) minus the hydraulic ram and with electric assistance in the column is great . Still slightly heavier than my R53 mini at parking speeds but still o.k and lovely on the move . It is heavier than the assisted 205 gti (3.2) but definitely more fluid on the move. As my eps is adjustable, I can turn down the assistance to zero( small potentiometer mounted below the rhs air vent. Without assistance, I agree with Tom. The car becomes dangerous as the steering is far too heavy for rapid steering inputs at low and medium speeds.

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