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S16 In 205, Hose And Vacuum Connections

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Hi guys,
Me and my mate are in the process of putting an s16 into his 1.9 GTi. We have changed the head gasket, timings belt etc and are just hooking all the hoses and vacuum lines back up. A few weren't connected to anything even when we got the enigne and are just wondering where they go. ANy pics would be a great help as im struggling to find any good ones of a s16.

  • There is a water pipe coming off the oil cooler that has no where to go.
  • There is what looks like a nipple for a vacuum hose coming off the throttle body
  • The vaccum line running along top of engine has a t junction, one of which goes no where
  • Near the throtte body there is a metal canister attached to the head with connection for a medium sized hose on the bottom...but no hose.
  • Lastly, there is a little black box with three vacuum connections and a plug connector on it at the gearbox end near the head, but only 2 vacuum lines hooked up

Sorry I know its hard to explian without pictures, Ill try get some up. Any help very much appreciated.


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1) the oil cooler is fed by one pipe that comes from the top hose between the thermostat housing and the radiator top connector, the other outlet connects to the the hose that goes into the bottom of the radiator (you will have to make your own version of these pipes)

2,3,5) the vacuum setup is as follows. You have a pipe from the throttlebody/inlet up toward the head, this is tjoins the T section, a short bit then goes to the vacuum pump by the head and the other outlet of the T junction goes to the brake servo.

4) sounds like the idle control valve (ICV) you can either whack a small air filter on it or dependign on where you've got your air filter and piping to the throttle body make a take off after te air filter if possible to go to that. (mini airflter is easiest ;))

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I'd just remove the heat exchanger (Not oil cooler more heater) and run the std filter, makes for easy filter changes too


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5) Is the actuator of the two vacuum pots on the intake manifold and is part of the ACAV system. Only two lines vac. need to be connected.


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does some one have an schematic of the piping conections for the acav?

what goes where?