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Thermostat Housings

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Howdy all,

I went to replace the seals on my thermostat yesterday and found the housing was crumbling, so I need a new one. But I've found there are two housings for the S1.

I've seen a parts list for a local parts place (EAI) which shows the VIN changeover for this, indicating mine's the early one. My build date was July 90. The new seals I was just sold are the dual flattened o-rings, but the one in the housing was the other type that 'wraps' round the thermostat, single piece.

So I'm a bit confused. From what I can figure, I need the early type housing (53mm?) with the two o-ring seals. Can anyone confirm?

As it happens, I have it sealed and going fine but the hose is just gripping onto about 10mm of stub.



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Yeah it's the 2 flat rings you need.