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Super Unleaded Fuel = Nightmare

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I had the same problem with my local garage - I filled up with a tankful of unleaded and get a nice mix of diesel. Fortunately a guy I worked with knew of a woman that had exactly the same problem as she filled up the same night.

Make sure you go and speak to the garage asap and find out if this has happened. I billed the garage for the tank of fuel, and the garage fee to drain the tank, change the filters, service etc - they were quite willing to pay for it as it was their mistake.


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I really would'nt worry about proof.

RAC picked you up 3 miles down the road from the petrol station, and you now know that diesel is what was put into the tank. Tesco has cctv that they keep for atleast a week. Did your lad pay card or cash? Did he draw any money out at the petrol station?

The MOST important thing is to contact the station as soon as possible really.

And I'm sure they will give you 'nearly' everything that you ask of them :D

Good luck . I doubt that you will need it though!!!