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Which Exhaust And Manifold?

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right I've tried searching on here in the search for manifolds and it basically brings everything up apart from what I need. I'm thinking a maniflow manifold for my mi16 but after that I need help lads. Has anyone proven figures with exhausts on the rollers? Which do I buy? I'd like to keep within most trackday limits if poss. Otherwise what's the point. Tried calling DES today but weren't open but to be honest I'm glad cause I want your advice first before I buy.
Your help in advance is much appreciated.
Best regards and a happy new year


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If you engine is not highly tuned, then dont bother. The standard manifold is quite decent. You will not gain very much compared to the price of a full racing exhaust system. You could change the exhaust system from the manifold and backwards to 2" or 2.5". This is much more effective at a price/performance point of view.