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Taxes On Importing Car Parts

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Joined: 05 Nov 2014
  • Name:Ido Aricha
  • Location:Israel
Hi, the prices of importing car parts in Israel are insane! I was wondering what is the situation in other parts of the world.

The taxes here are:

Upto 75$ - tax free.
More than 75$ - 48% of the package value AND the shipment price.

What is the situation in your country?


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  • Location:Trondheim, Norway

Norway it is +25% VAT in addition to a fee for the paperwork needed, usually about 10-20£.


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  • Name:Simon
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I'm not sure of the percentage but I recently paid about £70 on some rare motorcycle fairings from China.


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  • Name:Ryan
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20% VAT on goods coming from outside the EU. Plus import duty which varies depending on several things, but typically 2-5%.


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Pretty similar here... too bad UK will leave the EU and ebay.co.uk will get expensive for me...

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  • Name:Stefan
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i paid a fair bit importing my charger from america. Nearly £100 in tax and duty but worth it. I paid 20% vat and 10% duty when importing the evo from japan.