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Gti 6 Engine Question..

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Hi guys

Planning on building another gti 6 205 and was wondering??

If I get Gti 6 engine and put cat cams in and pulleys would I notice a gain on the standard Gti 6 ecu. Or will I need a remap but I have no idea where I can get the standard ecu remapped in Essex/London area

Hope you guys can help cheers


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You'll notice a difference in performance after changing cams but it really would require a re-map. Chipwizards is the man to remap them, not sure if anyone else can do them??
Gti6s have naff all room for cam upgrades and most go in retarded which obviously isn't ideal for performance :(


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And there's no real way of checking with ease how much clearance you have, It may turn by hand but at 7000rpm things are different


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Which engine is better for Peugeot 205?GTI-6 or 2 liter MI16?and which one has more potential for tuning?