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Door Strip Mounting

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The trim on my driver's door (gti) has come off. However, it looks like it was only held in place by tape. I think the door was replaced by the previous owner and I think they may have used a non gti door because there are no holes in the door for the trim to be mounted to - am I right in saying that this is normally the case?

As such, any suggestions as to the best way of fixing the trim to the door without the proper mounting holes? Tape and superglue or is that just dumb!?!

Cheers for any help



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If your going to stick it back on bodge it properly with some silicone sealant.


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i guess you havent got the rivets that the gti uses to clip the trim onto.

a bodyshop should be able to provide you with a length of double sided sticky stuff intended for the purpose, or get drilling and fit some rivets and clip it on as peugeot intended.


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I have doubled sided tape holding my numberplate on, its damn resilient
against rain, but personally for that piece of trim I would use a good silicone sealant, as said. Sikaflex is good :o or do it proper job wiht the rivets, as you can buy them also.

de Noir

de Noir
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Rivets are fine as long you are able to source tin clips for them.
3M double adhesive tape or similar would do the job just fine.


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3M double adhesive tape or similar would do the job just fine.

He speaks the truth :unsure:

Just make sure both surfaces are clean, and free of grease, wax or polish. Warm them up with a hairdryer or similar if you can, as it'll help the bond.

If you want a real belt-and-braces approach, you could use some blobs of Tigerseal (or similar PU adhesive sealer). The tape will hold it until the sealer cures, but beware - you'll have a hell of a job getting it off afterwards if you need to! :lol: