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Vts/106 16v Engine

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Ok so I know this has been covered to death and everyone has their views over which engine conversion is best so please let's not let this turn into a debate.

Basically I'm planning a 106 Gti engine into my STDT for use as a competition class. TU engine over Mi16 as it will put me in the lower size engine class and the TU over the XU as thery're easier to find, more powerful etc...

So I'm aware of the exhaust manifold, driveshaft, and gear pivot issues. These don't scare me.
The wiring however is where I need info, I've worked with Gti wiring before and wired a 1900 into a bare shell so I'm pretty handy.

What I need to know is what I will need off the saxo wiring wise to make this easier as straightforward as poissible. Also is there a particular engine I should be looking out for as I've heard of single plug/ multiplug etc so don't want to get one then find the other would have been easier.

Cheers in advance


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Assuming it's a single plug. You need the entire engine loom and an unlocked ECU. The ECU from the donor car can be unlocked by removing the keypad or immobiliser box and transponder while the engine is running.

Don't be fooled that the TU 16v has more power potential. Also it weighs the same as the alloy Mi16 (in fact the 1.8 16v XU is slightly lighter) and the weight is carried further forward with the TU.

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