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205 Xs Gearbox

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having a bit of problem with my gear box was at an autotest the other week and once i had finished for the day took my 205 xs a run down the runway as i selected 2nd it would select but as you brought the clutch up it would go ban and then just crunch i can now only get 1.3 and reverse gear so took the gearbox out and have found was going to just put another 1 on ( have 3 spare gear boxes ( 1.4 gear box from a gr or something, 1.1 xl gearbox and a xe gear box) but can't work out what is the best to use the codes are

Xs gear box sticker was missing but under it there was a code stamped to the boc 20CB34 D239430
xe gearbox sticker 2CA41 025190
Xl gearbox 2CA02
other gearbox i cant see any codes.

or does any one know what gear conbination would be best as i dont want a high top speed but want a quick retio eg: not much of a difference between 1 and 2 etc so its quick if the mark.

have used this website but can quite work it out.

Mikey S

Mikey S
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the xe gearbox will definately be a four speeder so throw that straight in the bin. the xl im not so sure about, it maybe a four speed but if it was from a 'special edition' it maybe a five.

id go for the 1.4 box but im unsure on ratios tbh.