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205 Xs Random Flat Spot/cutting Out Help

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Joined: 30 Nov 2008
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Was wondering if anyone has any pointers as what to look at on my 205xs. You can be driving along fine then the next thing the car starts chugging/missing usually at lower rpm and if u dip the clutch to change down a gear it will stall. If I turn the ignition off for a few secs it will usually run fine after that. It will do this now and again when you jump into the car to go anywhere it just won't idle and will stall. Now when i had it out a run today it was doing it so turned ignition off an back on an was running fine but I noticed that when I turnt the heater fan speed up the rev vounter was moving up asif it was connected to the fan controll now this I find strange.

Any help appreciated.


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Possibly a bad earth/ short circuit somewhere.