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Fuel Injectors Ew10

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Joined: 09 Jul 2013
  • Name:John
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hi all, in all dicussions about the engine conversions i have not seen any mention of fuel injectors.

does this infere that the standard injectors are capable and do not need to be uprated when going to itbs.

i would not want to turn up at the rr only to be told that the fuel flow is not sufficient for better mapping.

thanks for all info.


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  • Name:Suayb Tozmaz
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You need GTI180 injectors when you reaching 190 hp. After 180 hp injector duty cycles reaching %85 and thats not good.


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  • Name:Rodrigo Padula
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Hi, anyone knows the limit that RC injectors can handle? 

and were i can get specs of the injectors? 


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  • Name:Filipe
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Sorry to revive old topic, but I did not find information on this subject: has anybody ever looked at the EW10A 'flexfuel' injectors? I know they're called IWP-210.


I've made some upgrades to this engine, and I wonder if I can still use the stock injectors (I know the flexfuel injectors have better flow than the ones on gas-only version of EW10A), or if I should go after GTI180 injectors, or any other. Of course I'd prefer to find out before the rolling road.


The upgrades on my flexfuel EW10A consist: gas-flowed head with bigger valves (almost the same size as GTI180 valves), reinforced valvetrain, Catcams 4903402 (I know these cams are weak, but they were my only opportunity), EW10J4S exhaust manifold with 2,25" piping (stock on 10A is 2"), EW10J4S throttle body and inlet manifold (currently trying to solve some MAP issues).



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